Cannabis Plant Training: Things To Avoid

Cannabis Plant Training: Things To Avoid

Cannabis is a type of plant, which you can grow pretty easily. But if you train them well, they will surely easily pass through all the obstacles.

You might be thinking, “Plants need the training to grow? That’s crazy!! Well, they do need training, and there is a big reason behind it.

Proper training can help your cannabis plant to harvest the maximum yield without the green or sea system. 

But, hey, the training plant is not that simple. One small mistake and everything will go downhill.

Many cannabis growers have fallen prey to plant training traps. This has led to a decrease in their yield.  

But you can easily avoid all those mistakes that can cause issues during the plant training work.

So, are you interested know what these mistakes are? Have a look at the information below!

Mistake #1: Not Bothering To Train the Plant


If you want maximum yield, you need to train your plant for that properly. You can do this by applying the high-stress or low-stress training technique. 

Even if you let them go in their own way, they will surely grow and bloom.

But cannabis growers who did that ended up regretting it greatly. 

Remember, a well-trained cannabis plant can provide a much higher yield when compared with the untrained one. 

Mistake #2: Topping It Incorrectly or Too Early


For a maximum harvest, topping stands out to be indispensable. It’s because this is something you cannot escape, even when you wish to harvest or scrog per plant. 

You might damage your cannabis weed if you try to top way too early or top it wrongly.

Removing the top of the cannabis plant too early will make you lose more than gaining. 

So, to circumvent this problem, you have to wait for a while until the plant grows and has three nodes. After that, you can then think of topping it.

Your cannabis plant will struggle to produce growth tips to provide an excellent yield during the flowering stage. In some instances, the plant will not even recover, and you to do everything from the beginning again. 

Incorrectly topping the plant can also lead to problems. This type of situation occurs when individuals remove way too much from the plant’s top area. 

To obtain the best outcome, you have to eliminate only the growth points. 

Mistake #3: Defoliation Problems


Through defoliation, you can easily maximize the light and space when growing the plants. 

Through defoliation, you can get rid of all foliage, which will penetrate light into the plants. This will enable some parts of your plant to grow buds. 

Experienced growers will have no problems defoliating the plants. But if you are an amateur, you will face some difficulties. 

Do you know what the biggest mistake every beginner makes is? Well, they have no idea which foliage they need to remove. 

So, if you want to avoid problems when defoliating a cannabis plant, you must eliminate all the fan leaves. Why? Well, take up too much space, and the worst part is that the buds will not receive light because of them.

But wait, don’t prune out the sugar leaves by mistake. It will inflict plenty of stress and will have a massive impact on the yield and growth of the plant. 

Mistake #4: Whoops! Broken Branches


The low-stress training method is where you get to bend the branches instead of cutting them.

Even this technique sounds pretty simple and easy, but mistakes can happen at any time. For example, if you use the LST technique, you might break them instead of bending the branches.

Don’t feel disappointed. You can easily prevent this issue. How? You must always bend the branches of your plant during the first phase. 

It’s because, during that time, the branches are pretty flexible, and the chances of breaking will be much lower. When the plants begin to flower, the stems start to become a lot stiffer. 

So, it becomes difficult to bend them. So, turning the branches during the first phase is the best solution.

Mistake #5: Tying Up Branches Tightly


When training the marijuana plants, you might tie them up to not grow upwards towards a direction they don’t want. 

But please don’t think of tying TOO tightly. It will cut within the branches and become a lot thicker. When you use thin wires or strings, this type of situation will take place. 

To prevent it from happening, use soft materials, such as wide garden twin or elastic, to bind the branches. It will not cut within the units and block the sap flow. 

Make sure to tie the branches with the pot. Otherwise, you will not be able to move the pot. 

Mistake #6: Mainlining Issues


Mainlining is a superb technique that will help your plant to maximize its energy. You can trim down a handful of branches, which grows through a single node. 

After that, it will provide evenly-shaped, dense, and big colas. You can view it as an extreme form of “topping.” 

Even if you get some high-quality marijuana seeds from reputed sites like , not mainlining the plants well will damage them. Some of the growers even mainline them way too early.

So, you must create your hub at the correct time when the plant is in a vegetative state. Go for younger plants that come with 5 nodes to 6 nodes. How to begin the work? 

Start by top the plant back to the 3rd joint and eliminate all the foliage located underneath it. 

The plant will put all the energy right into the growth of the 3rd junction automatically. 

Mistake #7: Keeping the Plants Small


When you want to keep the marijuana plants more diminutive in size, they cannot develop buds like the bigger ones. Not only that, the yields will reduce as well. 

To obtain the best yields, you need to grow them well and fill up the grow space. As a grower, you cannot do anything if the plant’s size is smaller. 

So, if you want the best yields, you have to make sure these plants grow well. 

Growing it properly will enable development shoots quickly and effectively. However, you must wait until its 3 weeks to 4 weeks old, right before you move forwards to the flowering stage.

Do you know why? It’s because cannabis plants will not start flowering until they become 3 to 4 weeks old. 

So, if you try to give them a 12/12 light before the flowering stage, it will lessen the amount of light they receive every day. This will ultimately prevent the plant from growing. 

So, it will be much better not to switch from 12/12 or earlier than that. Otherwise, your plant will stay tiny as ever.  

It’s better to wait at least 6 weeks before you begin the flowering. This is something many growers recommend, and you should follow it as well.

The Summary

Growing your own marijuana plant is an excellent choice. You can either use it or sell it once they have fully developed. But when you are conducting the planting training, make sure to do it correctly. 

You must avoid all the unwanted mistakes when you start training your plants. Doing so will enable you to grow them without any hassle and also help you receive a high yield. 

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