Find out the difference between Premium and Low-Quality Cannabis

Find out the difference between Premium and Low-Quality Cannabis
Low, Mid, and High-Quality Types of Weed — What's the Difference?

There is an upsurgein the consumption ofrecreational marijuana in legal States. The trend will continue furtheras more regions embrace both the clinical and leisure uses of cannabis products. However, it can be challenging to know high-quality cannabis due to the many brands offering the products. Therefore, it is critical to know how to identify premium cannabis from low-quality ones. We will help you with the indicators to help your weed shopping, whether you are a first-time buyer or a regular consumer

What to Look out for

Some companies willhave the proper characteristics of various strains, while others will lie about their weed qualities.Finding the best dispensaryin Louisville, Colorado, will introduce you to different strains, but knowing the right products requires keenness on details. Below are some indicators to help you identify good quality cannabis;

The Aroma

One of the easy distinctions between premium and low-quality cannabis is the aroma. The scent a plant willhave depends on the cultivation and harvestingmethods. The difference applies when the cultivator exposes the developing plant to the right conditions. Also, the treatmentand storage of cannabis plants after harvesting will determine their quality.

Therefore, the premium products will have a stronger aroma than low-quality ones. The latter may have a mild scent or none at all,while the former youcansmell it soonyou step into a pot shop in Louisville

The Aesthetics

The appearance of premiumcannabisdiffers from poorly developed plans. Itwill beeasy to identify the components appearing like crystals, known as trichomes in high-quality plants. The component isresponsible for theplant’s flavors, effects on the user, and scent. But, with low-qualitymarijuana, the aesthetics are different. They will have lots of seeds and stems. On the contrary, the composition of premiumplants will be mostlybuds and trichomes. Also, the shade of premium weed is vibrant, while the lower grades will be brown or have discoloration.

Structural Outlook

Traditionally, the strainwith denselypopulatedbudswas the Indica species, while the sparsely populated ones wouldbe the Sativa. Currently, most cultivators are developing cannabis plants hybrids. The plants require regular trimming to ensure the right compositionof trichomes. Ithelps the plants from losing their componentslike CBD or THC from excessive exposure tothe sun. The high-qualityplants will lookpleasing to the eyes due to the trimming andregular care. However, low-qualityones will have an uncoordinated structural outlook because of neglect during their growth.

The Feel

Touching a cannabis plant, especially the buds, can help know if they are premium or not. The high-quality products will be dense and hard but not wet. Stems shouldnot break as you put minimal pressure on them, while the flowers will usually feelsticky andspongy.


Finding a brand you can trust is advisable to ensure you get the bestquality cannabis product. The best approachis to researchthe business in the industry. Learn about their cultivation, care, and storage practices to know if the products attain the set requirements on quality.

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