Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing shares 4 mental health self-care to help you relax

Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing shares 4 mental health self-care to help you relax

Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing dedicates her life to helping others. But she works just as hard at taking care of herself too.

That’s because Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing understands the importance of mental health self-care. The Pittsburg, CA resident routinely practices prayer, mindful meditation, and other techniques in order to de-stress and recharge. Since running a call center for more than seven years, she redirected her energies to donating and volunteering. Among other things, she created the Anderson Family Foundation to better serve underprivileged children. Despite the joy and passion derived from improving the lives of others, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing knows none of this charity work would be possible if she didn’t value her own mental health self-care first.

For this reason, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing prioritizes her mental health. She has adopted a variety of self-care methods to help her navigate each day. It’s a practice she encourages others to incorporate into their own lives as well. Yet, she also acknowledges that self-care is personal. It may take trial and error to discover what coping strategies work best for you.

With this in mind, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing discusses four mental health self-care practices that can help reduce stress in anyone’s life.

Take a breath

While you take a break, take a breather too. Breathing exercises are one of the quickest ways to achieve a calm state of mind. These activities enable you to eliminate distractions. Fortunately, this level of mindfulness isn’t difficult to achieve. Simply sit or lie in a quiet place as you take in slow, deliberate breaths. To heighten the experience, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing encourages the use of aromatherapy. Lavender or citrus scents are great for decreasing anxiety.

Snack and sip

Treat yourself. Literally. Munching on some dark chocolate minimizes anxiety and improves brain health. Honey and mangos serve a similar role, sharing chemical compounds that are also found in lavender. You can also pour yourself a drink too. While that glass of wine might be tempting, you should avoid alcohol or caffeine if you’re trying to wind down. Instead, fill your mug up with herbal tea or warm milk.

Get moving

Stress isn’t just mental. Engage in physical activities to put your mind at ease. Any exercise is therapeutic, but it doesn’t have to be overly strenuous. The National Institute of Mental Health states that walking just 30 minutes a day is enough to boost your mood. Not only is this physical exertion good for your entire overall health, but exercise will also help sleep come more easily. Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing is also a fan of progressive muscle relaxation. Using this technique, participants simply tighten and then slowly relax one muscle group at a time. Or, better yet, pamper yourself by getting a massage.

Jot it down

Put pen to paper and purge your thoughts. Often, this is the most satisfying way to express your feelings. Keep a notebook or journal to self-reflect. Although expelling bad emotions is encouraged, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing also encourages you to devote equal time to being positive. She recommends making a gratitude book or list, highlighting moments in your life you are thankful and appreciative for.

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