What are the Tendons in a Human leg?

What are the Tendons in a Human leg?

Each knee joint also contains an internal as well as outer crescent, a medial, and side meniscus. The lens, plural of the lens, are thick rubbery pads of cartilage material cells. They are C-shaped as well as come to be thinner in the direction of the middle of the joint. The meniscal cartilage materials sit on top of, as well as are in enhancement to the normal thin layer of articular cartilage material which covers the top of the shin. The menisci act as shock absorbers to take in the influence of the upper leg on the lower leg. They likewise help to make the knee movements smooth as well as aid in making the knee stable.

Each tendon has a different job to do:

The MCL is one of the tendons on the side of the knee joint. It runs between the thigh as well as the shin on the internal side of the knee. It aids in protecting and secure the knee joint versus any type of force on the side of the leg. It assists in restricting the amount that the knee moves back and forth.

The LCL is the other major tendon beyond of the knee joint. It runs in between the thigh as well as the fibula on the outer side of the knee. It helps to safeguard as well as secure the knee joint against any type of pressure on the side of the leg. This tendon additionally aids in restricting the quantity the knee relocates from side to side.

The ACL is just one of the tendons inside the knee joint. It runs diagonally, connecting the front (anterior) of the tibia to the back of the thigh. This tendon helps to secure the knee joint by regulating in reverse and onward activities of the knee. It stops the shin bone from moving forwards before the thigh.

The PCL is the other tendon inside the knee joint. It additionally runs diagonally across the knee, connecting the back of the shin to the front of the thigh. The ACL, as well as PCL, cross each other inside the knee joint as well as some individuals call them the cross tendons, cruciate methods cross-shaped. The PCL assists in controlling the forward and backward motions of the knee.

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