Which CBD Product Should I Choose? Oil or Capsules?

Which CBD Product Should I Choose? Oil or Capsules?

Two of the most common ways to put CBD into your body is by oil or capsules. You can walk into a CBD shop and find these two products right away because they are mainstays like CBD tablets UK. However, for first time users of CBD, choosing between these two methods can be tricky as we all live different lives, and there is no one way to do it. It’s a good thing that we gathered all the facts needed to help you decide which is best for you.


  • Immediate effect overall– CBD oil is usually consumed sublingually, meaning it will be directly placed under your tongue and absorbed by the mucus membrane accessing your bloodstream faster.
  • Can easily be added to drinks and food– Putting CBD oil into your food has become very common nowadays because it comes in an eye-dropper format ensuring that you get your daily dose of CBD.
  • Easier to Consume– For some people, CBD oil is much easier than capsules to swallow as it only takes a few seconds to consume.

CBD Capsules

  • Convenient for Traveling– For people who are always on the go, capsules are much more efficient as you only need to take it with any beverage or water.
  • Discrete for Use– Capsules are subtler than oil. You only need to put a capsule with water at work or in public.
  • No aftertaste or flavor– CBD oil usually has an aftertaste that people don’t like.

For more information on this topic, here’s an infographic by Love CBD.

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