Can we start consuming alcohol after a surgical weight loss?

Can we start consuming alcohol after a surgical weight loss?

It is often asked by bariatric patients whether they can add alcohol to their diet. Society accepts alcohol, but it is not suitable for your health during the postoperative period. Drinking alcohol can be hazardous, and the patient must step vigilantly. Let us look at what happens if you start drinking alcohol after bariatric surgery.

Effects of regular intake of alcohol after bariatric surgery

Can you drink alcohol after bariatric surgery? Alcohol is based on carbohydrates and sugar with zero nutritional value. Sugar is what you are attempting so hard to wipe out from the postoperative diet chart. During the postoperative phase, you are restricted from eating carbs.

Carbohydrates and sugar in high doses would spike your blood sugar levels and can lead to weight gain. Some individuals might be at a raised chance of building up alcohol use disorder. It has been discovered in a recent report the possibility of alcohol use disorder in bariatric patients can be as high as one in five individuals. There isn’t any decisive justification as to why increased cases of AUD may take place. Indeed, higher levels of alcohol in the bloodstream can be one of the causes of this disease. Also, some advise that it has to do with addiction conversion.  This is where we substitute addiction to food with another, like alcohol.

Below we have mentioned specific health problems due to excessive alcohol intake:

  1. Liver disease
  2. Reflux disease
  3. Inflammation of the intestinal tract
  4. Hypoglycemia
  5. Vitamin malabsorption

Tips for drinking alcohol

Follow these tips to add alcohol without compromising your dedication towards a healthy life after bariatric surgery in Mexico Tijuana:

  1. Stay away from alcohol for the first 6 months after the bariatric surgery in Mexico Tijuana.
  2. Bear in mind that even a tiny quantity of alcohol can result in low blood sugar and intoxication after the operation.
  3. Try not to drink and drive even if you have drunk the smallest amount of alcohol.
  4. Only drink when you are eating to aid slow absorption of alcohol.
  5. As you are allowed to begin drinking alcohol again, avoid carbonated and sugary beverages.
  6. Be conscious about the calorie content of alcohol.
  7. If you feel that you are drinking daily to deal with emotions and anxiety, get help by visiting your doctor.

Along with these tips, you require to consider numerous hydration tips after bariatric surgery too.

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