How Effective are Alcohol Rehab UK Facilities in 2020?

How Effective are Alcohol Rehab UK Facilities in 2020?

The first step towards an effective recovery is to realize and admit that a problem exists. Understanding this and confronting this with your family and friends is the first step in remedying the problem.

Contemplating rehab is never an easy task and therefore many individuals try to tackle it all by themselves. Admitting that one of your loved ones may need help, more than family, is like the feeling of helplessness.

But if reaching out to alcohol rehab UK professionals makes you feel uncomfortable, fighting your cravings from the safety of your home, or something natural might be a better way out. 

Everything you would like to know about rehab, available treatment in the UK, symptoms and warning signs in most UK adults can be found online through forums, and medical sites. But, understanding how effective some centers and facilities are is a daunting task?

The State of Alcohol Rehab UK Today

In 2020, rehab is the most effective treatment that can be offered in this country. For most parts, the only experience of rehab comes from celebrities’ social media pictured going through rehab or through movies. There are some key considerations when talking about alcohol rehab in the UK and overall costs. 

Living and working in the UK brings forth several things from cocaine and alcohol to several other types of drugs. Among them, alcohol rehabilitation charities are mostly based in London, including Black Prince Road in Kennington, Clapham Road in Stockwell, and Kingsway House in Holborn.

If people can afford them, private treatment is a safer option. As rehab lasts for around 28 days, according to a survey with youths and adults in the UK, the costs and charges can vary a lot from person to person. There are also free addiction treatments, if you may.

Pros & Cons of Free Alcohol Rehab the UK

  • Pros

Since these services are free of charge, they also come with some shortcomings. First, let’s talk about the benefits of these facilities and the process.

  • First, the information and all required data are freely available. All the information about the patients is kept confidential.
  • The services and necessary sessions are all free of cost, and does not incur any charges, hidden or not, whatsoever.
  • Finally, your services are arranged and located in the local community and kept close to home and family.
  • Cons

However, besides the above benefits, there are some limitations too.

  • Free services often have lengthy admission process which can take a lot of time, from weeks to even months.
  • Patients might be asked to go to different clinics and outpatient programs, session counselors each time, creating a very stressful situation for them.
  • The recovery is not often guaranteed and might be affected by life’s distractions, in the absence of a dedicated guide.
  • Access to any kind of personal therapist is close to nil and non-existent.

The Takeaway Message of Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a chronic illness, and alcohol addiction is just like any other in this regard. It makes you feel that after taking it enough for one last time, it will get over. But, the brain does not react to it when the chemical imbalance strikes.

While being in the alcohol rehab UK groups is a great thing for helping someone out, many might find this uncomfortable and need professional help. And, sooner the better!

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