How to Write Recipe Reviews

How to Write Recipe Reviews

You love cooking and would not stop at trying out different recipes every day! You also go through various books and blogs to glean more knowledge on the subject. Then you would be the right person to read more on such topic. You can try out reviewing some cookbooks too. If you think about it correctly this will be your blog. Where you will be giving reviews on different recipes and the books too. 

When you are reviewing for the publishing industry it doesn’t always mean to be for your own blog, or for a newspaper. You are allowing people to know about the books or things that they can try out or avoid. So, if you want to be successful in it, let’s check out the tips below. 

Go through the book

You can only write a review when you have read the book. So, the same goes for a cookbook, as you have to read all the recipes mentioned there. Check the cover photo, also the platters, the stories about the recipes have been shared by the author and so many other things. Once you go through it, you are ready to write the recipe reviews

Check the chapters

Different books have various kinds of chapters. You have to check if the recipes are categorized by season, appetizers, main course, or dessert section wise. How well the table content or index is laid out. You have to check if the reader can understand the technique of checking out the recipes. Now, you have to look at the recipes. If the ingredient mentioned are easy to get, or the reader can follow the technique without any difficulties. Also, if there are footnotes on the recipes and ingredients. 

Cooking techniques

Some so many people prefer an easy and simple cooking technique, it’s not always about the time they have in hand, but some like the easy way out. So, when you will be writing a review, you have to understand that this will also be a form of Learning Tips for Parents. As they have to go through the daily hassles to feed their kids, they want an easy way out with cooking. So, you need to read the techniques properly and try to understand the author’s point of view. If in simple wit, it doesn’t make much sense, you have to take the highway of an honest review. 

Describe the background of the author

There are millions of cookbooks, and not all of them are written by restaurant owners or established chefs. Some are written by homemakers or even novices. So, when you start with the writing, try to jot down a few words on the author, their experience, and their perspective as well. This mention will let your reader understand the type of recipes they are going to get, although the book can tell many different stories.

The audience

When you are writing a cookbook review, you have to determine the audience of yours. Whether you are writing about some particular recipe, cooking technique, national cuisine or an eating style – you have to determine the group of audience you are targeting. 

You must always give honest recipe reviews on cookbooks, because based on your words your readers would want to buy that book and want to try out the recipes. Also, as you read the books, you can always try out some recipes yourself. 

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