If it is necessary to paint  car parts

If it is necessary to paint  car parts

If it is necessary to paint  car parts, you have to carry out the correct selection of paint. There are more than a hundred auto enamels of various colors and shades, some of them may not differ at first glance, but a mistake in choosing a shade can be fatal – a painted element will noticeably stand out against the background of unpainted machine parts.

To paint a car, you need the appropriate room:

  • high level of lighting. The light should be organized in such a way as to prevent the appearance of shadows that interfere with the inspection of the car, and to control the quality of applying paint layers. Usually fluorescent lamps are used. They are located around the entire perimeter of the workshop;
  • the paint shop must have forced ventilation. Pairs of car paints are very toxic, and even the use of a respirator is not a reliable protection against them; the paint room must be clean – even the smallest dust particles can ruin the work, and as a result, re-painting will be required. The room for painting is upholstered with plastic wrap, and before starting the work the floor is moistened with water.

Painting a car you must be guided by some rules:

  • automotive enamel differs in the degree of viscosity and drying time. Depending on its viscosity, it is required to use with different nozzle diameters. Recommended values are indicated on the packaging with paint;
  • the drying speed of enamel, as well as its density, can be changed using a solvent. But you should be careful – liquid paint will form streaks, thick – splatter to the sides; Reducing or increasing the pressure, perfect spraying can be achieved.

The price of paintwork is quite high, but in many auto repair shops, the entire body painting is cheaper than each element individually.

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