Is CBD Good for Joint Pain?

Is CBD good for joint pain? Cannabidiol, or CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis plants. Some research has shown that CBD may be beneficial for treating joint pain.

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How to Use CBD for Your Joint Pain

Both topical and oral CBD can be used for pain management. It is possible that both are equally effective. Topical CBD, like CBD cream, is absorbed directly into the skin. Oral CBD, like sprays or gummies, passes mainly through the digestive system into the body.

Each product is different so it is important to follow all instructions. Side effects can also be caused by the product, so they should stop using it.

To reduce the chance of drug interactions, it is important to consult a doctor before you start using CBD.

CBD Is Effective in Relieving Joint Pain

Early research has supported the notion that CBD might help relieve joint pain in certain cases, like inflammatory arthritis joint pain. A 2020 study found that CBD can have anti-arthritic properties and may be able to help with symptoms by targeting inflammation-producing cells.

Evidence from the field supports the notion that CBD might help reduce joint pain markers. The Arthritis Foundation recently surveyed over 2,600 arthritis patients about their experiences with CBD. Their poll revealed that 94% of CBD users use it to reduce pain. CBD was also reported by 67% of participants to have experienced improvements in their physical function.
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