What to do after your breast augmentation?

What to do after your breast augmentation?

If you had a breast augmentation recently and want the most excellent results, you have to show importance to the specialist’s post-operative instructions.

This procedure helps in changing the size of your breasts. Implants are placed under the chest muscle or breast tissue. The surgeon makes incisions on the base of your breast, which a very common method. With this opening, they placethe implant. Surgeons can also use an endoscope to perform this procedure. They would insert the endoscope through the incision.

Here are a few breast augmentations aftercare guidelines that you are required to follow:

  1. The prime thing you need to focus on is giving yourself time to recover after the procedure. Many women after breast augmentation tend to continue their routine tasks within a week or ten days. They are not allowed to lift extreme weight for many days.
  2. The specialist might give you a surgical bra that you have to wear after your breast augmentation in Las Vegas for some days. After some weeks, you can shift to regular bras. It is crucial to wear a bra every day to support your breasts.
  3. Make sure that somebody stays with you for the first 24 hours after your breast augmentation in Las Vegas, as you might become weak and tired. That person will help you in picking you up from the bed.
  4. Keeping the lungs clear and fresh is necessary. You can perform deep breathing exercises for that. Ensure that you are waking up early in the morning in your post breast augmentation care.
  5. Start with liquids at first, and then you can prefer other foods. You can eat normal foods the next day.
  6. In case of pain or discomfort, you can take prescribed pain killers. You might require taking them for two days every 3 hours after your surgery.
  7. Try not to move your arms for the first 48 hours. You should not use your arms to push yourself up while getting up from the bed.
  8. Do not take a bath for about 48 hours; otherwise, the bandage will get damaged. You need to discuss this with the doctor regarding showering.
  9. Ask the nurse or other medical staff whether you can apply body lotions, perfume, or cold cream on your skin or not.

Whenever you experience any complications like breathing problems, redness, swelling, or fever during the breast augmentation post op care, contact your doctor or nurse.

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