Can you buy Purple Kush seeds online?

Can you buy Purple Kush seeds online?
Where to Buy the Best Purple Kush Seeds Online | 10Buds

Purple Kush is counted as one of the legendary strains. It is best strains embracing the true nature of Kush varieties of cannabis. Look no further than Purple Kush if you are all set to experience a flood of resin production, body-numbing effects, and therapeutic properties, 

Purple Kush is a much sought-after hemp seed strain being a combination of the classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Enhancing the healing medical benefits of this marijuana is its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy aroma and fruity flavor.  

The growing details of Purple Kush

Where you can easily control temperature and humidity, Purple Kush grows best indoors. Given the low height of this plant, it rarely reaches above three feet. It is ideal for growing in small confined areas.

 In indoor cultivation, the flowering stage usually lasts for seven to nine weeks. You can expect a moderate yield of around 300 to 425 grams of flowers per square meter around the harvest time.

You should see a yield of around 600 grams per plant if you can grow this unique strain in the perfect outdoor climate in mid-September. 

Its effect is extremely soothing, being high in THC and low in CBD. Purple Kush’s hit is an Indica, which gives you a relaxed feeling. 

This train may not be ideal for beginners to grow, but they can learn and master the art. 


Order your Purple Kush seeds from a reliable site that promises a flourishing plant. 

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