Is Ruderalis high in CBD?

Is Ruderalis high in CBD?
What is Cannabis Ruderalis, and How's It Different from Sativa and Indica

You are fully aware of Indica and Sativa as popular and traditional weeds. But a new entrant in the block is Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis humbly persisted in the background and did not emerge out of the shadow of its popular cousins.

For a long time, Ruderalis was in the background, without sharing any limelight in the marijuana market. However, it is now making a name for itself and receiving a good name by bringing an Autoflowering gene for the users and growers.

What is the characteristic of Ruderalis? 

Exposure to harsh climatic conditions, including extreme heat or cold, insufficient humidity levels, and weak or excessive light, are responsible for the characteristics of Ruderalis. It thrives in deserts. 

It is essential to note that these conditions can cause deficiencies in the Sativa or Indica. Ruderalis is not a photoperiod plant and does not require a particular light cycle to thrive as the Ruderalis initiates flowering on its own.  

Is Ruderalis good for therapeutic use? 

THC levels are much lower than in the original Ruderalis landrace. Naturally, Ruderalis strains are higher in CBD. For example, Northern Light Auto and Blueberry Auto are pure medicinal strains with a high level of CBD.  

Ruderalis is simple and strong. If you are looking to grow cannabis for the first time and want a strain with CBD and less THC, Ruderalis is for you.

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